Bruins’ Next Dance Partner Is……….

by Joe Donahue on April 27, 2009

Unlike the NBA, the NHL re-seeds after the first round of the playoffs conclude. The Bruins, seemingly idle for an eternity, still don’t know their opponent for the second round of the NHL’s playoff dance party.

As the number one seed, the Bruins will face the lowest remaining seed remaining after two Game 7s finish tomorrow evening. Let’s take a quick look at the three possibilities next in line for the Bruins.

Rangers # 7: Couldn’t close out the Capitals in Game 6 at home which will be prove to be fatal for them. Teams rarely recover from this missed opportunity and go on to win on the road in Game 7. The 2001 Devils and the 2004 Flames both had a chance to win the Stanley Cup on home ice in Game 6. They both squandered the opportunity and lost Game 7 on the road. Ditto for the Rangers tomorrow night.

Hurricanes # 6: They’ve played the Devils honorably thus far. However, beating Marty Brodeur in his home building in a Game 7 will prove to be a daunting task. They’ll play with grit but will ultimately lose a close, hard-fought game.

Penguins # 5: With the Rangers and Hurricanes predicted to be on the short end of their respective Game 7s, the Pittsbugh Penguins, along with their explosive offensive arsenal will be the lowest remaining seed still standing and be headed to Boston later in the week for the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

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