Down The Stretch They Come

by Joe Donahue on March 30, 2009

Okay, less than two weeks remain in the NHL season and Bruins fans, while content with clinching the division, are anxiously waiting to see if they win the conference and who their first round opponent will be.

As of this morning, March 30, the Eastern Conference standings are as follows:

#1) Boston, 106 (TB, OTT, NYR, @ OTT, MTL, @ BUF, @ NYI)
#2) Washington, 99 (NYI, BUF, ATL, @ ATL, @ TB, @ FLA)
#3) New Jersey, 98 (@ NYR, @ PIT, TB, @ BUF, TOR, @ OTT, CAR)
#4) Philadelphia, 92 (@ TOR, TOR, @ OTT, FLA, @ NYR, @ NYI, NYR)
#5) Carolina, 91 (NYR, PIT, NYI, BUF, @ NJ)
#6) Pittsburgh, 90 (NJ, @ CAR, @ FLA, @ TB, NYI, @ MTL)
#7) NY Rangers, 87 (NJ, @ CAR, @ BOS, MTL, PHI, @ PHI)
#8) Montreal, 86 (CHI, @ NYI, @ TOR, OTT, @ NYR, @ BOS, PIT)
#9) Florida, 85 (OTT, ATL, PIT, @ PHI, @ ATL, WAS)
#10) Buffalo, 82 (@ ATL, @ WAS, NJ, DET, @ TOR, @ CAR, BOS)

I have put in bold print the games I think each team will win. If the Power Play Ouija board is accurate, the following will be the final standings in the East. Also, feel free to give each time another point for an overtime loss if you want.

Boston, 116
Washington, 109
New Jersey, 108
Philadelphia, 104
Carolina, 99
Pittsburgh, 96
Montreal, 96
NY Rangers, 95
Florida, 95
Buffalo, 90

Based on the tie-breaker of most wins, give the sixth seed to Pittsburgh, the seventh to Montreal and the last playoff spot to the Bruins first round opponent, the New York Rangers.

Bruins – Rangers
Capitals – Canadiens
Devils – Penguins
Flyers – Hurricanes

The Bruins and the Rangers facing off in the playoffs for the first time since 1973, almost hard to believe it’s been that long.

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